Mother Lost Her Dog, But It Was What The UPS Driver Did Next That Made Her Angry

Cynthia Wakelin loves her kids and she loves her pets too. She had a dog named Toby, and he was their source of pleasure. Wakelin and her kids loved the 14-years old Toby very much.


One day, while Wakelin was outdoors, a UPS driver ran over Toby and killed him by accident. But it wasn’t that he killed her much beloved dog that irritated her that much, it was what the driver did next.

Wakelin got very angry because when she arrived at home, she realized that the UPS driver left a note on her house’s door apologizing for killing her dog.

Wakelin said she put her phone number around Toby’s neck, and if the UPS driver called her personally, he would make things better and less irritating. She said that the driver doesn’t know how hard it is for her 6-year-old child to lose his best friend.

Wakelin is very mad now, and the company promised to compensate her for what happened, but Wakelin insisted that it’s not about the money, but the UPS employees should treat the customers along with their pets well when they deliver packages to them

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