Shocking video as a little girl kisses a lion but what she gets in return is shocking

Lesson for a lifetime 
This little girl just learned a lesson that he won’t be forgetting for the rest of her life. The lesson is that wild animals are wild animal no matter what and they can attack you any moment. The video starts on a very adorable note that a little baby girl is blowing a kiss to the lion to show her love for the kind of the forest. Now this video of little girl blowing kiss to the lion has gotten very famous, but not for the reasons most of the people imagine. 
If you are thinking that this is one of those tales of a baby girl forming a lovely bond with a wild animal then you are hugely mistaken. Now, luckily, there was a think sheet of protective glass where there is an ongoing eye contact between the girl and the lion. 

Both the lion and the girl were making an eye contact and the lion couldn’t help but stop looking at this cute girl. The girl just couldn’t resist but blow a kiss to the lion to express her love for the animal but she gets an attack in return. For no apparent reason, the lion attacks her and unthinkable would have happened had there not been a thick sheet of glass in the way. The girl gets shocked heavily but stands her ground and will be going home with a valuable lesson. 

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