Reaction needed for an Abuser of Dog Who is Roaming Around with No Fear

Abusers Need the Same Treatment

When it comes to the animals the worst thing is the treatment sometimes people give to these poor creatures. However, at many instances there is something that needs attention and it is a severe punishment that must be given to all such abusers of animals so that anyone who thinks of committing this kind of act stays aware of the consequences as well.


Here in this video as well we can see that how poorly these dogs are being treated by an abuser and the way this man moves around freely without any fear is also another different story. The man brings dogs and keep them in an under construction building where these dogs are provided with a worst treatment. These dogs are found to be emaciated; they are hungry and completely dehydrated. Moreover, every new day there is a new dog and also the building has the remains of the dead dogs. Nobody knows what has been done to these dogs and where do they go but this is really insane.

The abuser must not be allowed to move freely and rather an action must be taken against him with a severe punishment so that nobody ever thinks of committing this kind of act.


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