Splashes in the Pond were holding a Surprise

Baby Elephant Needed Immediate Help

Animals always need some assistance from the end of humans and keeping this thing in mind many organizations have been making numerous efforts to help animals and their children in all aspects of life and to make their life happy and filled with joy.


We can also see in this video that how a team of a social organization who has been looking after the African elephants saved a baby elephant. Initially the team didn’t realize that there is something in the pond which is located in the middle of a barren land. However, as soon as the sound of splashes was being heard the team started running to take a look and they found a baby elephant. The baby elephant seemed to be lost and stuck in the water and was unable to come out. The team made numerous efforts and the baby elephant was out of the pool.

However, the baby elephant was so upset that it couldn’t even move however the team somehow gave it confidence and help. The mother elephant saw the child from far away and started running after it to cuddle the baby. This amazing meet up of the child and mother seemed to be the most amazing one.


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