Lonely Pup was meant to be a Part of Celebrity Family

Nobody Knows Where Fate Takes Away

Animals are always the most innocent creatures on earth and the moment they are given even a pinch of love and care they just find that one person to be their entire world. However at many instances though these animals are loved and adopted many such animals also do exist who are left alone and nobody is ready to take them home.


Somewhat similar story is being considered here where this dog was left all alone with no friends and nobody to take it home. Though like other dogs the Empty the Shelter event captured this dog too up for the adoption but all the dogs were adopted except this innocent one. The pain and feeling of being rejected may be witnessed on the face of this dog and it makes this dog the most innocent creature on earth.

Well, a celebrity who has been working as a coach to Detroit Pistons considered adopting this dog, he and his family loved it despite of all the flaws this dog had. The dog has a problem in its leg which may need a surgery in the future and also it has a problem of its eyelash growing inward and may need a surgery for that too. Despite of knowing all this family of Van Gundy is ready to accept this dog.


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