First Meeting of a Dog with an Alzheimer’s Patient is Worth Watching

Idea of a Husband Clicked Well

This story belongs to a very strong bonding that runs between a husband and wife and the way they consider each other’s needs. This story calls for a situation where this woman was suffering from Alzheimer’s and in order to help her with the disease her husband decided to get a dog for her.


In such cases these dogs may be of much help as they are trained in a way to help and care for such patients especially when there is no one to look after them in the surroundings. The main aim of the husband was to help his wife stay peaceful and in a better state while the husband is away for work or something else. Moreover, the wife may also take this dog for a walk and so and the dog would be an ideal guide back to home. Keeping all such things in mind the husband brought this dog for her wife but the best thing was their first meeting.

The very first time when this dog entered the house the way it attracted the patient and they way they cuddled each other was something out of the world and that amazed the husband too, it felt as if they know each other from years.


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