A Single Note in the Wallet Made a Thief Change His Mind

There is always a Turning Back

These days it has been very commonly observed that people tend to snatch away things from others and theft and robbery are the two very common crimes the rate of which has been increasing day by day. However, there are very few such cases as well where a thief may surrender him and that too after realizing the mistake on his own.


This story is somewhat the same, this thief started following the victim from a busy street but as soon as the victim was all alone the thief hit the man and snatched away his wallet. Later on when he took a look into the wallet along with other things he found a note which provided for the man to be suffering from a disorder. This disorder is called Aspergers’, as soon as the thief got to know about the mental condition of this man he immediately went to the police and surrendered himself.

The thief was guilty but since had committed the crime and also injured the victim was punished with 2 years of imprisonment. Though the act on the part of this thief of felling guilty on his own was appealing but crime is always a crime and deserves punishment.


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