Heartbroken mama who lost her babies in barn fire meets a new litter of puppies

Jessica Woodruff is the victim of this tragedy that struck on February 20, 2017 as the barn caught a massive fire. It was such a cruel tragedy that it took the life of a pig, 4 goats and a group of newborn puppies that were just 3 weeks old. There were 7 puppies in total that belonged to her dog Daisy – a Great Pyrenees and Border Collie mix.


We cannot even understand the pain of Daisy as she lost all her babies as she kept walking by the barn even after a few days that the accident occurred. She used to cry as she passed by the barn and Jessica was desperate to help her dog so she called for help on Facebook. She asked for anyone with a litter of puppies and finally found one. Lorna Murphy who had 8 puppies to donate whose mother had passed away so it was a perfect match.


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