Adults were scared to even go close to this kitten but a 7-year-old saved his life

Cries for help

The current population of Istanbul is nearly 14 million and a lot of people saw this kitten and heard her cries for help. The sad thing is that no one stopped to help her and it was because she was horribly disfigured and no one bothered to get close to her. The word that they chose for her is ‘monster’ but the creature in fact was ‘pitiful’ to be precise.


However, as it happens, not all the hope is lost in the world because a little girl saw the kitten who was only 4-weeks-old. She decided to help her, knowing that her father was a doctor. The story of the kindness this girl showed to this kitten revolving around the globe and is the best example of kindness. The cat was in such a bad shape that her ear, mouth and other parts were misshapen. This should put all the heartless to shame.


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