A magical story of a dog befriending soldiers and recognizing them later

A connection never ending

Who doesn’t like a good reunion story? We know we all do and this is because they pull our heartstrings and make us feel good. So, sit back and relax because this story will do a lot more than that. This is about Nick Pierzchalski who used to fly Blackhawk helicopters as a pilot while being in Iraq.


During his time there, he met a year old dog named Airys, a shepherd mix and it was like that this match was made in heaven. They became fast friends quickly and Nick even built her a kennel in his units hangar. Then came a sad moment as Nick had to depart from there and leave the only good thing he had experienced – Airys. See this emotional moment yourself and there is a great ending of the video that Nick was able to bring Airys all the way home to Florida. A special thanks to SPCA international for making this happen.


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