No one even wanted to touch this cat but he actually hugged her!

A much needed hug

The name of this cat is Valentino and all he wanted in life was human contact, hugs and cuddles most of all. Sad thing is that no one would give him that and he would feel all alone in the world. The reason why no one wanted to touch him is that his fur was riddled with grime because he was suffering from sacroptic mange and this is a condition that is considered highly contagious to both animals and humans.


Elaine Seamans didn’t care about any of this at all as she heard his cry when passing by Baldwin Park animal shelter. She picked him up and he quickly put his head on her shoulder. They took him straight to a vet’s clinic where his transformation began. The great news is that his prognosis is very good and he is well on his way to full recovery.



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