Dog with uncanny 6th sense saves life of a girl Laying In A Ditch

Dog with brilliant sixth sense

It is true that those who have suffered themselves know the pain of other better than anyone. This applies on this dog too that was rescued from an abusive owner and the dog is now being hailed as a hero as she literally saved a life. Her name is Peanut and she arrived at Delta Animal Shelter in Escanaba, Michigan in a miserable condition.


She arrived there last year with both of his legs broken and some fractures in the ribs. She was given immediate healthcare and was nursed back to health before getting handed over to a new and caring owner. The dog started running up and downstairs and got the attention of the man and forced him to go outside.

The man went out with the dog and found a naked 3-year-old girl who was shivering and curled up in a ball. The man quickly brought her inside and called 911 for help. County’s Sherriff also confirmed the story in a statement which you can read on their website.


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