Attack of Wild Dog Was Defended by a Little Creature

It seemed to be Impossible at First

Dogs are love only if they are pets and are well trained but they can be life threatening and dangerous too when they are wild and are roaming on the streets. We can see an incredible example of how these wild dogs actually attacked a little one and trying to make them fall its prey.



In this video we can see two children of around 5 years old were going to their way back home from a very tiring and fun filled day. While on their way they noticed a sound of shuffling and they saw a gang of dogs coming over to them in the mission of attack. One of the girls ran away in the other direction but this boy was trapped, the dogs seemed hungry as well and this was the miserable and helpless situation for this little boy.

However, the boy seemed to have marvelous self defense techniques which it utilized and acted upon. This boy tried to make these dogs scared with the fists it showed to them in an event of attacking them, the dogs ran away and the little one was saved.


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