Woman Reacted by Hearing a Sound from the Sewer

Something was Hidden Inside

It is observed that at many instances where such people exist who tend to give a real tough time to the animals also are accompanied by many such people who give care and concern to these animals too. However, when it comes to taking care of animals one must always move ahead and make as many efforts as they should to give protection to these creatures.


This story is somewhat similar to the approach of protecting animals; this story refers to a situation where two friends were passing by a road when they came across a sewer. This sewer was making some noise but initially they were unable to recognize that what was this about. However, they tried to look from the gaps of the sewer inside and realized that a kitten was found there waiting for help. It seemed as if the kitten would be passing through this street when she lost her balance and from the gap went inside the sewer and being too small is unable to come out.

However, one of the women also went inside the sewer and grabbed the kitten outside, the moment this kittens saw this woman it felt happy knowing that she will be out now.


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