Lifesaving duck actually saves her chicken friend from a hawk attack

Secret pals

All thanks to Charlotte’s Web as we got to know that these two are actually real life pals. There is something so sweet and lovable about these two and these being the best friends just like in the E.B and it doesn’t get better than this. At the same time, no matter how fast friends you are with someone, you just can’t expect them to do what this duck actually did.


The duck spotted a hawk attacking the chicken family and what he did next will put you in stitches. It was unthinkable as the duck literally ran towards them and interfered like a guardian angel to save the chicken and her babies.

Luckily, it was all captured on a security camera and this video is causing a stir on the internet. The actual footage is so intense that at one point, one starts to believe if it is real or a scene from the movies.


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