People just spectate as a group of stray dogs tear apart a beautiful Golden Retriever

Being senseless spectators

It was near a trailer park in Dallas, Texas that a beautiful Golden Retriever was attacked by a bunch of vicious stray dogs. The people living at the trailer park just watched this one sided fight like it was a source of entertainment for them. According to them, when asked, they said that there was not anything they could have done to stop this. Well… You could shout and throw things at the stray dogs to frighten them. It isn’t rocket science.


At last, the crowd did get the attacking dogs off the Golden Retriever who had already gotten very weak but still managed to get under the trailer. However, life got even worse for him after that as he was taken to a kill shelter after that. Another stupid movie by the residents. Kill shelter? Seriously?

Thanks to the social media, the story reached Leslie Ysuhuaylas who happens to be an advocate and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s help was demanded. Thankfully, now the dog has been taken to a hospital.


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