Dog who is an unbelievably poor condition was about to give up on life but then this happened

The most heartbreaking thing

There isn’t anything more heartbreaking to see than seeing an animal getting starved. It just doesn’t make sense as to why would anyone dump their animal at a place where there is no chance for the animal to get food. One could always give away their animal at a shelter but abandoning them like that is simply brutality.


A dog was found in Austin, Texas in a crate. The people who found it thought that the dog was dead because his bones were sticking out of his flesh. When the police arrived at the scene, it was found out that the dog was still alive. A vet named Elizabeth Mancera checked on the dog and the dog’s body temperature was so low that it didn’t even came up accurately on thermometer.

They named her Sophie and started giving her food so she could gain strength. It only took a few weeks to transform her into a happy and healthy dog.


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