Unimaginable Rescue from a Dog Farm, the Dog Saw Water for the First Time

Surprising initiative taken while documenting dog meat farm

It is pretty commonly observed that people come over and film and document the videos of the dog meat farm to show the world what these poor animals have been through. Though such farms must not be legalized and many have been facing penalties in the past years most of such farms have also been finished completely. Keeping this in mind since this farm was also about to shut there was a documentary made which made people visit the farm.


Being the filming person as I entered the farm I was astonished about every single thing I saw there, the animals were kept in small cages which had lack of space and this made their feet face a terrible condition, there was no food and water given to these poor creatures, they were covered in their own feces and maggots. The situation was worst, they were all screaming and crying tired of their miserable life completely disturbed. This made me take a dog with me home, upon asking the authorities I was given the green signal. The next day since the other dogs were supposed to fly to San Francisco they did and I bought mine to a foster house where all the cleaning and medical assistance was done. As I took my dog named as Pocket home I gave it the first bowl of water in his life and that was heartbreaking for me to see the way it drank the water.

This worst condition of animals in the dog meat house has made people realize how pathetic things could be therefore adoptions must be encourages from such places as these animals really need our help in a genuine manner.


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