Reaction to Fart by an Elephant

Animals are Smart

As we all think that it is the only human beings who can use brains and none other living creature on earth could, well this is wrong. Animals could do wonders if they come upon using their brains and may react according to the situation as well.


In this video we can see an example of such situation when these elephants were playing altogether enjoying and while playing one of the elephant actually farted. Well, initially things looked being a bit awkward but as soon as this animal realized something has gone wrong it started to move away from the herd.

This was done to protect oneself from embarrassment even a human would have come up with the same idea as this elephant came and this is a pure clear example of how animals react when it comes to making the use of their brains. Well, all this is something terrific to see and surprising too for many people especially the ones who always end up underestimating the animals. These creatures have a lot of brains and when it comes to using it they may use it in the best possible manner without giving a second thought to the humans at least.


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