Girl poses with a horse for photo but when dad looks at it, he bursts out laughing. OMG!

Say Cheese?!
This has probably gotten old and there are other better ways of having your pictures taken rather than saying cheese. However, some of us still say this right before having our picture taken. In this way, we look like we are smiling and it is absolutely lovable to see some happy faces in the picture. Almost every one of us has a photo album that has our special memories from the past.

Our parents took a lot of photos while we were growing up and it is so much fun to look at them now. Now you must brace yourself for the best photobomb ever as this little girl is getting ready to have her photo taken with the horse. The timing of Clydesdale was absolutely immaculate and he couldn’t have planned it better. This picture will always bring a smile to girl and her family. Cheers! 

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